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Why Study at SACE - College of English Australia


Tasmania's capital city is an intriguing blend of heritage and lifestyle, scenery and vibrant culture.

Hobart is warm sandstone, bright spinnakers on the River Derwent, coffee under the striped sun umbrellas of Salamanca, an occassional frosting of snow on Mt Wellington, bush tracks and birdsong. Hobart is a city of history, with gracious architecture, colonial cottages and heritage parks and gardens.

It is a city of bustling markets, a flourishing arts scene, festivals and entertainment and fine restaurants.

Hobart is an ideal base for your southern Tasmanian journeys - explore farther afield, then return to relax, unwind and rejuvenate.


How do I enrol?

-          You can enrol by completing the online enrolment form – (web link) or by visiting your preferred educational agent.

What is the process when applying for a student visa?

-          Once SACE receives your enrolment form, the enrolment confirmation documents including an Invoice and a Letter of Offer will be sent to you.  Upon receipt of payment, SACE will issue an electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE) form.  You will need to present a copy of the eCoE when applying for your student visa.  SACE will elect the DIAC office closest to your location upon processing.

When will I get my eCoE for my student visa application?

-          Upon receipt of payment, SACE will issue an electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE) form.  You will need to present a copy of the eCoE when applying for your student visa.  SACE will elect the DIAC office closest to your location upon processing.

Will I get a refund if my Student Visa application is not approved?

-          All tuition, OSHC and material fees will be refunded if your student visa is rejected by DIAC.  The rejection letter from DIAC must be submitted with a written letter requesting the refund.

Do I need to pay for my course in full before course commencement?

-          Full course fees for courses of 24 weeks in length or less are required 2 weeks prior to the course commencement date, or prior to issuing the eCoE.

-          For courses 25 weeks in length and more, a payment plan will be arranged in 2 instalments.  The first 24 weeks will need to be paid prior to issuing the eCoE.

What is the cancellation policy?

-          Please refer to the SACE Fee Schedule Enrolment Form for the full SACE cancellation policy.

How can I make payment?

-          Payment can be made by bank transfer or direct deposit.  You will find the SACE bank account details in the enrolment form and at the bottom of the invoice.

-          Credit Card payments are accepted, however, a credit card transaction fee applies.

Where are the Cambridge Exams held?

-          Cambridge exams are held in Adelaide and at various locations close to Hobart and the Whitsundays.  The SACE Campus Administration staff can give you information about the Cambridge test centres closest to you.

Where are the IELTS Exams held?

-          IELTS exams are held in Adelaide and at various locations close to Hobart and the Whitsundays.  The SACE Campus Administration staff can give you information about the IELTS test centres closest to you.

Where are the TOEIC Exams held?

-          Each SACE Campus is a registered Public TOEIC Test Centre.  TOEIC Exams are held each month.  Please refer to the Calender of for the monthly test and registration dates.

When can I start my course?

-          Please refer to the entry dates in the SACE Fee Schedule.  You may also start a General English Course any Monday.

What English level do I need to start a course?

-          The South Australian College of English accepts Beginner to Advanced level students.  Beginners are only accepted on set entry dates.  Please refer to the fee schedule.

-          The Whitsundays College of English and the Tasmanian College of English accept Elementary to Advanced levels.

Do I need OSHC – Overseas Student Health Cover?

-          All students studying on a Student Visa are required by the Australian Government to obtain Overseas Health Cover medical insurance.  The total cover will need to be the course length, plus one extra month.

Can I transfer to a different school after I arrive?

-          You may transfer your enrolment to either one of our SACE Campuses without penalty.  You simply need to pay for your transport to the other SACE Campus and associated costs.


The Tasmanian College (SACE Hobart) is a nationally accredited English language College, and a member of IALC (International Association of Language Colleges).

SACE Hobart is the authorised TOEIC Test Centre in Hobart. SACE Hobart is approved by Cambridge University. Cambridge CELTA Teacher Training courses are held on campus.

All SACE Colleges - AdelaideHobart and the Whitsundays, are approved teacher training centres.

SACE Colleges have pioneered the introduction of many specialised courses in Australia such as English and Volunteering, English and Demi-Pair, and English and Work Experience.

Many Australian Language Colleges look to SACE for inspiration and leadership.  Many Australian English Language Colleges have followed SACE Colleges’ example and now offer courses pioneered by SACE.

SACE is an internationally recognised English language provider.

  • International Association of Language Centres (IALC)
  • University of Cambridge (Teacher Training, Cambridge CELTA)
  • TOEIC (Authorised TOEIC Test Centre, Whitsundays)
  • Bildungsurlaub (Rheinland Pfalz, Hamburg, Berlin)
  • Barrier Reef Institute of TAFE
  • Flinders University
  • TAFE South Australia
  • TAFE Tasmania
  • ICHM
  • Global Net Information Communication Technology

What students say

"I choose to study at the Tasmanian College of English because I heard from my agents that the College is smaller meaning more contact with the teaching and students. My class teacher has time for us and there are fewer students in the class so I can ask many questions. If I had chose a bigger school, I couldn't have asked like that. What's more the course has many interests outside of study;we go on excursions and we exchange different cultures etc. I'm really enjoying my course.If a student prefers a smaller-scale class and is looking for a school with a homely atmosphere, I would recommend this course. All the staff and students are really friendly."

Kazuka Matsukawa

"I am really enjoying studying at the Tasmanian College of English as I get many opportunities to practice my speaking and I think speaking is the best way to improve my English. I would like to recommend this school to my friends. It's a small school, but very nice. Teachers and classmates are very friendly and there are very few Czech students. I especially enjoy Friday excursions, I have been many times and it has always been fantastic. There are many sporting activities in Hobart for me to enjoy. On weekends I go bike riding, swimming, bushwalking and scouting. At night I like going clubbing with my friends. I am also working in a restaurant which a great way to practice my English skills and make new friends."

Jan Pazderka

"The Tasmanian College of English is a small and friendly school. I met many new and very nice people. I would definitely recommend this school as I learned English very well and I have a lot of new international friends now. I will never forget my stay at SACE Hobart and I keep wonderful memories. See you again."

Eric Prieto


Qualified Teachers

The South Australian College of English, Tasmanian College of English and Whitsundays College of English are accredited and approved TEACHER TRAINING CENTRES.

Permanent internal and external teacher training guarantees our teachers use the latest teaching methods and resources.

All SACE teaching staff meet the requirements of the National ELT Accreditation Scheme (NEAS) requirements. All SACE teachers have specialist English language teaching qualifications.

SACE teachers are enthusiastic, motivated and caring professionals.

SACE teachers are specialist English langauge professionals who are selected for their teaching skills and enthusiasm. Professional development for SACE teachers is co-ordinated by our Teacher Training Unit.

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